"Mr. Tramel has tremendous people skills. He is a sensitive listener, unflagging supporter, attentive observer, and, when necessary, a kind persuader. He is mature beyond his years, diplomatic, and caring."
- Maureen Gibbon, Author and Professor of English

"Even though I work with 30 - 40 upper-division students a year, I don’t see Brad’s kind of interest, expertise, and habits of mind very often. And with all that, Brad is also well-liked, admired by other students and his professors both, and a joy to work with."


- M C Morgan, Professor of English

"Since given the pleasure of working closely with Brad, I have become conscious of his immaculate work ethic, which has allowed me to hold other members of my staff to his standard. To say his work and the time he puts into it is above par would be a strong understatement."
- Whitney Jackson, 
Northern Student Magazine Editor-In-Chief