Brad Tramel is a culture writer, editor, and critic. During the week he manages communications for a general contractor in Minneapolis—and he's looking for something else.


In recent years Brad has written about video games, technology, and culture for Unwinnable, Hearthpwn,The Northern Student, GamerNode, and others.


Before writing descriptions of foam Legend of Zelda swords for Fun.com, he served as Managing Editor for CRE8 and Copy Editor for The Northern Student. He wrote for both: short fiction and creative nonfiction for the former, and news, reviews, and features for the latter.


He graduated with honors from Bemidji State University, where he earned a Creative & Professional Writing BFA, an English BA, and Electronic Writing minor in 2015.


He presented his thesis, "Space for Play: Video Game Rhetoric and Procedural Space," at BSU's 2016 Student Scholarship and Creative Achievement Conference.